Afton Stables

Training, coaching, and boarding in 
the foothills of Afton, Virginia.


Specializing in Classical Dressage we offer answers to your questions and solutions for meeting the unique and individual needs of each horse and rider.

Our beautiful, newly renovated facility offers a safe and calm environment for our equine residents focused on improving their overall health, conditioning and performance. Our Goal for both horse and rider is to promote health and wellness, encourage continuous education and lifelong learning and develop a strong and supportive community. We provide our clients with year-round qualified Dressage training in a professional atmosphere with custom designed programs to address the individual needs of both horse and rider.


Our mission is to operate a training, coaching, and boarding facility specializing in Classical Dressage which places the focus on the safety and welfare of both horse and rider. Serving Virginia and beyond, we work in partnership with our clients to meet their unique needs and ensure both horse and rider reach their potential.

Dressage at Afton Stables - Training, coaching, and boarding.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer the highest standards of service and care to all our clients, both human and equine. We are committed to providing a positive reinforcing work environment that recognizes the value of all staff and fosters individual growth and improvement. We utilize the expertise of our staff members to ensure the highest level of client service. We engage in transparent and ethical business practices and will always offer the best, unbiased advice to our clients.

Dressage at Afton Stables - Training, coaching, and boarding.

Our Values

The principles that help us achieve our goals are:

  • Diversity of thought, experience and background
  • Teamwork that promotes great thinking and contributes to our growth and success
  • Friendliness, passion and enthusiasm in the way we work and interact with each other
  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Responsibility and ownership in the work we do to ensure a safe and well maintained facility
  • Integrity, so that we can be a trusted and respected name in the equestrian community
  • Ensure that riding is safe, educational, and most importantly fun for both horse and rider

Services Offered

Beginning Fall 2018


Services Offered

Fall 2018

Customized training program with a comprehensive approach to improving the health and condition of your horse


Our training program is based on promoting and maintaining soundness through fitness. Our focus is on making both horse and rider well rounded, balanced, healthy, and happy partners. We have a systematic approach to dressage training that will fit both you and your horse’s specific needs. Cross-training is very important to Dressage and we incorporate ground work, hill work, trail riding and even fox hunting into our program.

Our farm lends itself to producing efficient results with two formal arenas (indoor and outdoor) and rolling, hilly terrain for additional conditioning.

Customized program specific to your individual goals


Becoming the best rider you can be is a lifelong learning experience. Finding a coach to inspire you to greater heights can produce extraordinary results. We at Afton Stables understand the importance of gaining your trust so that you and your horse can form a true partnership and have fun in the process. Lessons are personalized to suit your needs and you will receive one on one coaching as you work towards your goals.

Open Now for Lessons in our new full size arena – trailer in clients welcome

Lessons are arranged privately and lesson fees apply separately.

Customized program specific to your individual goals
Newly Renovated Stalls


Includes the following:

  • Feed and Medication/Vaccination Program
  • Daily grooming
  • Full or partial training board
  • Blanketing is offered year round at no extra charge and storage is available.

Clients are responsible for providing any additional supplementation of their horses.

To learn more or obtain further information on our services, please contact us at